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You get...

red arrow gif Professionally designed, XHTML 1.0 w/CSS intro/welcome page to introduce yourself, your company, your product, or your service.

red arrow gif Professionally designed products/services page illustrating and describing your product or service.

red arrow gif Professionally designed interactive contact form that visitors can use to contact you and make orders or request more info.

red arrow gif Various basic e-commerce options are available at additional cost.

» Allows for initial site content up to 3Mb for combined html & images. Disk space allocation actually allows for up to 25mb (megabytes) so there is plenty of room to grow. Additional content, updates, pages, & forms can be provided for additional charges (basic HTML, content/copywriting, design & management at $75/hr - estimates available on request!). (As a general rule: It's unlikely that a 3-page website is going to require anything like 3mb. If it did, it would probably be due to inclusion of linked media, PDF, or other files for download. But the space is there for the original set up, if needed.)

» We submit your site to key web indexes & directories (search engines). Ongoing management plans are available.

» Option includes hosting & DNS (Domain Name Service) for the first 3 months.

» After the initial 3 months, you pay just $75.00/quarterly for our MICRO-SITE Account allocating 12.5Mb of disk space and 1.25Gb for download (allows for approx. 2,000 page views/day on typically sized pages). Special options are available for more active maintenance, update, revision, and espansion!

» Web services and hosting is provided on our high-speed & secure Unix/Linux network powered by Apache, the world standard HTTP server.

Includes dot com or dot net domain name for the 1'st year!...
(dot org names available, also. Clients who already have their domain name get 4'th month hosting free following initial 3-month service period)

Certain restrictions apply to some kinds of content.

HTML standards
Content produced for 3-3-3 sites is compliant with current HTML Standards (HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0) and Web Accessiblity Standards as defined by the W3C.
This counts for more than many might realize. The fact is that soon many sites which do not meet HTML 4.0 (or greater) or XHTML 1.0 (or greater) standards may simply start to disappear altogether from the different web indexes and directories commonly referred to as "search engines".

It may seem easy to take one of the do-it-yourself HTML editing programs now available (such as FrontPage, HomePage, or PageMill, for example) and rough out a web page and, maybe, even get it to appear with some semblance of consistency on different platforms. However, the so-called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) programs do not really live up to the name. Generally, these will not produce standards compliant code by themselves. The better ones will typically cost from $300 to $900, or more. While the so-called WYSIWYG editors can be used to rough out the basic layout, achieving standards compliance requires html skills & experience.

New development & revision of existing content is currently done in HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0. Development & use of Stylesheets (.css) is standard procedure to control fonts and other page attributes consistent with W3C recommendations for HTML & XML. We adhere to and support the W3C Web Accessiblity Standards on new projects and as we update existing content. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to invest in web development if the finished product is inaccessible to any significant percentage of viewers due to sub-standard or proprietary code. In fact, failing to comply with accessiblity guidelines could even expose your business to legal liabilities. There is a growing consensus, at present, to interpret the ADA Act (Americans With Disabilities Act) as applying to and including any and all commercial web content. Dated or existing content on™ &, as well as client sites, is developed and revised to standards compliant code as a matter of policy. Clients should anticipate the need to review and update existing material as HTML standards change and evolve.

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payment options
Payment options include:

1) Company check
2) i-Check (a secure electronic check payment system).
3) credit card.

PayPalCredit card payments for 333 sites are handled through the PayPal system..

We have financing solutions available for projects in excess of $5,000. 333/$300 sites must be paid in advance.

a few FAQ'S...

"How does it work?"
For $300 we develop and produce your 3-page site and host it for the 1st three months. You provide us with textual content, notes and images (if relevant) which we will use to develop the site.

"What can be put on my web pages?..."
(some restrictions apply)

Anything! long as it's legal and it's not "spam". We will not be involved with or support sites for or related to gambling, "adult content", or multi-level sales/marketing programs.

"What about online sales, or e.commerce? Can I sell stuff from my pages?..."
Yes. There are solutions that will allow for this. Additional costs will apply for card-processing and secure server options, as needed. For more info:

"Am I limited to a max of 25mb of total disk space and 2.5gb download/month?..."
No. Additional disk space beyond 25mb is available at $1.00/mb. Additional bandwidth is available at $1.00/100mb download/month. Purchasing additional space at $1.00/mb also includes 100mb of download traffic per each Mb disk quota purchased.

"Do you do anything to help promote my pages?..."
We have an effective site indexing strategy that includes, in part, submission of your site to primary web indexes and directories. Primarily, at this time, we submit to Google, AllTheWeb, WebCrawler, & HotBot. Other aspects of this strategy include listing, describing, and linking the site from pages that are frequently and regularly re-indexed. Additional services are available in this area, but, quite frankly, our opinion is that submissions to indexes beyond the above-mentioned and other elaborate indexing strategies, are probably not the most effective way to spend time or money. Focus on providing relevant and correctly coded, structured content, and the search engine indexing part will take care of itself. There are services that will submit your pages to varying numbers of search engines for a fee but we don't think this is an effective expenditure of resources, either. However, clients are certainly free to utilize those services. Focusing on the production of relevant and useful content that will profile well in the primary indexes is, frankly, the best way to getting any kind of web integrated enterprise off the ground. We will certainly be glad to consult with you on what the best options are.

"Can I, or should I, use bulk emailing to promote my site?..."
NO! EMPHATICALLY NO! We prohibit "spamming" or bulk emailing in any effort to drive traffic to any site on this network. The fact is, there is no better or faster way to build enmity for you, your product, your company, or your service than "spamming." Allowing the practice of "spamming" can quickly result in your domain ending up in a kind of cyber "blank hole," effectively black-listed and cut-off by ISP's all over the world. If we verify that you are responsible for "spamming" activity related to an account, service will be immediately terminated with no refund on any fees paid for either development or hosting and we will not reactivate, ever, an account for users who engage in spamming... no matter what.

"What if something is not specifically mentioned?..."
There may be other qualifications or restrictions on the use of this program or services that are not specifically mentioned here. If you have questions or need further clarification:

"If I'm under 18, can I still get an account?..."
No. You will need to certify that you are 18 years old or older to establish any web services or development account with If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or legal guardian will have to establish and accept responsibility for the account; both for payment and for content.

"How are payments handled?..."
Three (3) basic payment options...

1) Credit card payments (fastest way to get site in production & online) are made through PayPal/ system. for info regarding credit card invoicing and payment.

2) Enteprise clients can pay by check (check payments must be processed and confirmed before site production begins) using the i-Check online payment system

3) Check payments (check payments must be processed and confirmed before site production begins) may also be made out to and mailed to:

PO BOX 423
TRIPOLI, IA 50676-0423

All payments must be in US dollars ($USD).

To sign up for the 333 Solution:
submit the request form or:

At the end of the 1'st 3 months, you will have the option to continue site hosting at the rate of $75.00/quarterly for the MICRO-SITE solution. Or, if needed, we can scale up to the other available solutions.

"What are the steps to getting my web pages built & online?..."
Once we have completed the agreement and received your payment, we will apply for the domain name (if you don't already have one) and work up a prototype for the site. We'll expect you to provide your notes plus any specific text, as well as image content needed.

Normally, you would expect it to take about a week to 10 days, once we have the relevant material on hand, to produce the site. This may be subject to prior commitments and current work load. If delivery time is a crucial concern, expedited service may be available although extra charges may apply: .

Once we have the template designe, you'll be able to view and approve pages under construction at a special URL (not the permanent one). We expect to have your input during this process. We will always go back and fix errors in spelling or contact info at any time, but if significant revision is required once the pages are completed and the site is online, there will be additional charges.

To get started fill out and submit the form

Restrictions: We do not develop or host content for multi-level marketing schemes nor do we produce, host, or permit so-called "adult" or sexually oriented content or pages comprised of links or banners ads to other sites for purposes of generating revenue purely through "click-throughs". We will not develop or host material for individuals or organizations representing or advocating biases based on race, religion, ethnic orgin, or sexual preference. Legitimate political content or discussion of varying and opposing viewpoints is generally acceptable and is supported, subject to review. We will not, however, support or provide services for organizations or individuals, political or otherwise, who advocate violence, or any illegal activity, or engage in slander, or advocate policies or actions contrary to or that would undermine, in our judgement, the United States Constitution. Services for clients discovered or found to be engaging in sending or transmitting UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) commonly referred to as "spam" will be immediately terminated. Client information is kept strictly confidential and is not sold, traded, exchanged, or revealed without explicit permission except on production of a court ordered search warrant or summons presented by lawful authority. For additional information related to these issues, review the Terms of Service. If you have questions or concerns related to our policies or Terms of Service and how they may apply to your project or planned content, contact us at . & are privately owned and operated web design, development, and hosting services and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at our discretion.