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Web Solutions for Small Businesses & Orgnaizations

"General questions/comments?
New project in mind?
Old site needs redesign?
Need content management,
site maintenance,
or simple updates?
Need a special micro-site?
Need service overnight, or sooner?
Or... are you a small firm tasking one or two people on your office staff with production, management, & update of your website on their lunch break, with the hope this will bring in vitally needed new customers or clients?"

Talk to us. We want to hear from you!
Maybe you have a Flash-splash or image map front page? It's been online for 6 months and still doesn't show up in the search engines. Or you've become aware that you're losing as many as 7%, 10%, maybe even 15% of your visitors in the first 30 seconds or less because of cross-platform/accessibility issues. Maybe it's just that you'd like your site to convey a more distinctive look than we usually get with standard run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter Frontpage-type design. Or, worse, maybe folks are finding your site but they're having problems finding the information they're seeking? Maybe information that could or should or needs to be present, isn't even there to be found? Maybe your visitors are not getting your content or your message because, fact is, most are still on dial-up connections and they're hitting interminable lag while the 256 nested tables on your home page are loading. Becoming quickly frustrated, they quit and go elsewhere.

These are common issues we help site owners with on a daily basis. Whether you're a small business, professional firm, or non-profit organization, if you're seeking affordable and effective design and production for a new site or redesign, revision, and maintenance of an existing site, you've come to a good place. We can even combine design, development, and revision of your site with our own scalable, industrial-grade, in-house Linux/unix based hosting solutions. While overnight or same day service may or may not always be possible, we are quick and our solutions and services are reasonably priced. You can reach us by phone, toll free in the US @ 877.727.7815 (international, call +1.646.494.7932) or send us a note using the form below. Briefly describe what you're thinking and we'll respond in kind. We'll be happy to discuss solutions for design and development of your brand new site, redesign of an existing site or page, overnight maintenance (when possible), or even just minor same-day updates (when possible). As needed. When needed. Next thing you know, we could be revising your existing site so it finally works the way it's supposed to. Or, we could even find ourselves building a whole new site together. And, for less than you might expect.

» forwards compatible web design,
maintenance, & hosting
for small businesses, professionals,
& organizations!

» revise, update, fix existing sites!

» hand coded XHTML & CSS!

» 24/7 support!

» objective = less cost / better indexing / better results!

off the cuff costs...
for small businesses, organizations, professionals

Project Type


Cost/Delivery Time

Page Update

Includes fixing basic code issues, update to HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0 with embedded or linked CSS/stylesheet, code validation, plus revision/editing of content.

Approximately $125/page;
Overnight (same day in some cases).

Single Page or Template Redesign

We'll do a complete redesign of your problematic home page, site template, or other single page of your choice in web standards compliant XHTML/CSS with focus on improving copy/graphics content, search engine results, accessibility, usability, and improving overall visitor appeal. This usually can then be adapted as a template for revision/cleanup of other pages on the site.

In most cases, 1 week.

Entire Site Redesign

Complete re-architecting of larger multiple page sites with new layout, navigation, and graphical elements. Plus thorough evaluation, editing and update, or replacement, of content.

Starts at $2000;
1 week, 1 month, or more.

New site

From the ground up. Complete new site design with organization of content, development, and production.

Starts at $2,500;
1 week, 1 month, or more.
[Simple, basic, Micro-site w/3 "pages" or less?... see 333]

[Compare us to the median national average!]
At a base rate of $75.00/hour for basic HTML, we're about 67% of the national average at $112.00/hour. You can also request a proposal/estimate. Combine site design & maintenance with domain hosting options on and base costs get even lower!


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