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Thursday June 20 2024


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This site should display properly in Opera 5, Opera 6, MSIE5, MSIE5.5, MSIE6 [IE for Windows or IE for Mac], Netscape 6, and Mozilla. There may be instances when it does not while we play with different things and experiment. (Personally, we think it takes a degree of chutzpah to brazenly redesign things in plain view.) In any case, the text should always be entirely available to any browser or Internet device, from Netscape 1.0 to Palm Pilots & web phones even while we mess around.

For an explanation of why we should no longer try to support older browser versions (Netscape 4.x, et al), see Jeffrey Zeldman's response to the question; "Why don't you code for Netscape?"

OTHER: Our Brief Browser Upgrade Guide 

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