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Tripoli, IA welcomes RAGBRAI® XXVII | created & donated pages for the Tripoli RAGBRAI® XXVII Committee (James Parsons also served as "Internet Committee Chairperson")

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projects include ...

red arrow gif Wood Stabilizing Specialists:

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Wood Stabilizing Specialists, Inc., processes technologically advanced stabilized & dyed raw wood with dramatic beauty combined with superior durability and machining qualities. This material is used world over by manufacturers & artisans producing fine cutlery, tools, writing instruments, and sporting goods.

In September 1999, Mike Ludeman, at the time employed by Wood Stabilizing Specialists, Inc., and in charge of wood processing as well as being the developer of several new processes and treatments for producing this durable and workable material, took over WSSI from Wood Components & Technologies, changed the name to Wood Stabilizing Specialists, International, and relocated to a new facility at Ionia, IA. Visit them at

red arrow gif Jerry A. Robbins: (UNDER REVISION) Jerry Robbins is an historical novelist and genealogical researcher from Princeton, Missouri. Her novel "FOR LOVE & LIBERTY" can be ordered from the author. Currently, the Online Edition of "FOR LOVE & LIBERTY" is under revision and will soon be available in PDF format from the Web site.

"FOR LOVE & LIBERTY" is an exciting, dramatic story of intrigue & romance set against the backdrop of the American Revolution. It will appeal to fans of John Jakes and anybody else who just likes a good, adventurous, romantic, tale that has been well researched and put together.

red arrow gif  Parson Real Estate Co.: Parson Real Estate Co. (no relation) is the place to go for homes, acreages, & commercial real estate in the Charles City, IA area.

red arrow gif  Concessions Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Grove, OK, designs and manufactures patented kettle popcorn equipment for permanent installations and, also, trailer mounted units. Their equipment is used by concession operators, amusement parks, midways, & Family Entertainment Centers all over the world. You can also order kettle corn by the tin or by the bag on the website.

red arrow gif KRM Consulting Group, Richmond, VA, are safety consultants specializing in serving the amusment industry. Key areas include design & implementation of safety training programs, inspections, and expert witness services.

red arrow gif Owen Trailers, Inc.: Owen Trailers, in business for over 50 years, designs and builds a variety of popular carnival, circus, and amusement park attractions as well as general utility, temporary restroom, and office trailers. Classic and innovative designs include transportable and permanent installations.

public service projects

Tripoli RAGBRAI® XXVII Committee:

red arrow gif Tripoli was designated as a Breakfast Stop for RAGBRAI® XXVII, July 25 to July 31, 1999. We hosted about 10,000 or so of the riders on the "Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa" (Des Moines Register) for breakfast on the morning of Thursday, July 29. RAGBRAI® riders come from all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the world. We were pleased to be able to help out by donating web services for the Tripoli RAGBRAI® XXVII Committee. If you were a rider on RAGBRAI® XXVII and have pictures or commentary you'd like to send us, .

james parsons - tripoli, iowa
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