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we provide the following:

: web standards compliant design,
: online brand development
: content revision
: site/domain managment
: accessibility consulting
: regular site maintenance
: solutions & options consultation
: training in HTML & site managment
: web hosting

» forwards compatible web design,
maintenance & hosting
for small businesses, professionals,
& organizations!
» revise, update, fix existing sites!
» hand coded XHTML & CSS!
» 24/7 support!
» objective = less cost / better indexing / better results!

off the cuff costs...
for small businesses, organizations, professionals

Project Type
Cost/Delivery Time

Page Update

Includes fixing basic code issues, update to HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0 with embedded or linked CSS/stylesheet, code validation, plus revision/editing of content.

Approximately $125/page;
Overnight (same day in some cases).

Single Page or Template Redesign

We'll do a complete redesign of your problematic home page, site template, or other single page of your choice in web standards compliant XHTML/CSS with focus on improving copy/graphics content, search engine results, accessibility, usability, and improving overall visitor appeal. This usually can then be adapted as a template for revision/cleanup of other pages on the site.

In most cases, 1 week.

Entire Site Redesign

Complete re-architecting of larger multiple page sites with new layout, navigation, and graphical elements. Plus thorough evaluation, editing and update, or replacement, of content.

Starts at $2000;
1 week, 1 month, or more.

New site

From the ground up. Complete new site design with organization of content, development, and production.

Starts at $2,500;
1 week, 1 month, or more.
[Simple, basic, Micro-site w/3 "pages" or less?... see 333]

[Compare us to the median national average!]

we work with:

: businesses
: organizations/associations
: professionals

in general:
  • While we have a basic fixed-cost (within defined parameters) micro-site option (see 333), proposals are provided on the basis of overall website parameters and objectives provided in your RFP (Request For Proposal). Of course, a firm proposal requires a firm RFP. While we can state some broad generalities about cost, specific fees will vary depending on what your project actually entails. We'll just say we think they're pretty darn reasonable, with overall costs generally amounting to less than a lot of "FrontPage" type proprietary template based solutions while being eminently more effective. Simply put; You get more bang for your buck. and request the "RFP" (Request For Proposal) form, fill it out, and email it back to us and we'll reply with a proposal based on the specific parameters for your project.
  • Fixed cost?: Small businesses seeking a fixed cost solution should review the 333 option.
  • Financing options: Site design/hosting solutions financing may be available to qualified individuals and organizations.
  • You provide the product/service, we provide the web expertise: We may be open to consideration of partnership agreements with new companies with interesting concepts and a realistic business plan. (You can be a sole-proprietorship, a closely held company, or a partnership with a bonafide product(s) or service(s); MLM strategies do not qualify.)
  • We own our servers:, is our scalable, industrial grade, Linux/Apache based web hosting solution. Our basic Enterprise/Professional solution is USD $100/month and includes two hours/month for maintenance/updates. Hosting only solutions start at USD $12.50/month.

what this means to you:
  • Whether your objectives are large or small, we can usually tailor an effective web standards based solution that will fit your budget.
  • While costs can vary considerably due to content and features, smaller sites, (such as this one for KRM Consulting Group) are generally produced for $1000, or less.

For additional information or an initial discussion of solutions applicable to your situation, call us at +1.646.494.7932, us, or if you think you're ready to get started right now, just fill out & submit the contact form form.

james parsons - tripoli, iowa
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